My promise to you is:

1)       To provide you with accurate, complete information

2)       To provide you with the resources and advice to make best use of that information

3)       To get the job done right and on time

4)       To communicate in a timely manner

5)       To be price competitive

6)       To make doing business productive & fun  


I have been in the Promotional Products business for almost 35 years. During that time the business has changed a great deal, just as the world has changed. I think most of you would agree that keeping up with those changes is a big challenge for any business.

For as long as I have been in this business, my philosophy has been, it is most important to create positive long term working relationships, to provide the highest quality of customer service, to work with clients as part of a team whose goal is to create and implement a successful marketing strategy or promotion. To this end I have always said “I am not interested in orders, or volume but in my client success”.